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Types of custom suits

Made to Measure vs. Custom Made vs. Bespoke

Made to Measure Suit vs. Custom Made Suit vs. Bespoke Suit

Made to measure is based on an existent set of patterns. The pre-set pattern is scaled up or down based on your measurements and the garment is a machine made garment. This is a step above an off-the-rack suit. A made to measure suit will start around $400.

Custom Made Suit

Be aware when companies use this term, it can have a variety of different meanings. It can can be used to describe any garment that has been made to fit you based on your measurements that has style options as well. 

A true custom garment It is a hand crafted, individually made garment made of high quality construction. The pattern is made for the individual, but unlike bespoke, It is not drafted directly on the person by a tailor. Multiple experienced persons are involved in the garment construction.  A custom made suit typically costs between $800 - $2,500. 

Bespoke Suit

Bespoke is when one tailor creates a suit from scratch for an individual. This process consists of multiple fittings as the pattern is drafted directly on the person. A bespoke garments is mostly hand sewn. This tailoring art originated on Savile Row (UK) and to this day is the most highly regarded way a suit is made. A full bespoke suit typically starts around $2,000.


Custom suits are different from off the shelf suits. They are made by hand, for your body only. 

The Finest Materials

Custom suits are generally made from high quality material such as premium wool, cotton, linen, cashmere or silk.

The Perfect Fit

A custom suit is tailored for your needs. Custom clothiers pre-measure for your suit, and tailor it after your custom suit arrives.

How a Custom Suit should Fit

The importance of Fit, Fabric, Function or Fit Fabric and Style in a custom suit

Fit is the most important thing to consider when buying a custom suit-it is why you are here after all! A good fit should be tailored to your frame, without feeling too tight or too loose. Choosing the right length of sleeves, jacket and pants is really important and if one is off, it can easily throw off your proportions.

Fabric- The fabric selections may seem overwhelming when you are buying a custom suit for the first time. The price of your suit will be dependent on the fabric that you select. When choosing a fabric it is important to choose the right weight for your needs. The fabric will will determine wearability (if it will it be a three season suit, summer or fall/winter), how it is going to drape on your body, how your suit will perform, and how you will have to care for your garment. 

Function- Consider the purpose of your outfit when making your selections. A business casual meeting and a formal wedding call for different attire. Be sure to tell your custom clothier the reason why you're purchasing a custom suit, and they'll know how to guide you. 

Things to know before buying a custom suit

1. Maintain your ideal body shape

If you plan on going through any body transformations, wait until you reach a weight range that you intend to maintain before investing in custom clothing.  A typical Custom suit can accommodate 10-20lb. weight loss or weight gain.

2. Start with the basics

This is only the beginning of building your new wardrobe. Purchase year round suits first and gradually add more patterns and styles for different seasons. It is addicting and you will be back. Ask anyone that is tried custom the last time they wore one of their their off- the- rack suits

3. Rely on the expert

Be specific about what you are looking for in a custom suit. Where will you wear it? Did you have a particular color or style in mind? Then listen to advice from a tailor or custom suits salesperson and let them guide you throughout the process to select the best suit unique to you and your lifestyle needs

4. Avoid trends

You want your new suit to last a number of years (depending on how hard you are on your clothing), so keep your style and fit selections timeless and avoid anything too trendy

5. Have realistic expectations

Depending on the fit and style you select, you may need to wear your suit a few times to get used the new look and feel  of your suit. If you are not accustomed to slim tailoring, you may not be used to a tighter fit. If you selected a window pane or plaid and all your suits before have been solid, you may not be used to the new look. Trust us, once you have a suit that fits, you won’t be able to go back to anything else.

6. Custom suits require care

You want your new suit to last a number of years (depending on how hard you are on your clothing), so keep your style and fit selections timeless and avoid anything too trendy

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